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Selection of bearing

Selection of bearing

Date:2013/10/11 9:21:08

Selection of bearing size is largely based on the load borne by, bearing life and reliability requirements. Basic load ratings are used to assess bearing capacity of technical indicators, basic load rating includes the basic dynamic load rating and the basic static load rating.
Characterization of bearing in the rotation (speed n>10 r/min) of the carrying capacity for the basic dynamic load rating c, characterization or swing oscillation bearings in still or slow rotation (speed n �� 10 r/min), the carrying capacity of the basic static load rating Co.
Spherical ball bearings for radial ball bearings class mainly withstanding radial force. Therefore, characterization for radial and radial basic dynamic load rating Cr basic static load rating Cor.
Normally, selection of rolling bearing life calculation basis. Life generally refers to bearing fatigue life. When the correct bearing, and moderate load, installed properly, lubricate well, mainly alternating contact stress caused the destruction of bearing rolling fatigue spalling of surface layer, this type of damage is not safe to avoid. But a variety of mechanical different uses, bearing different demands, within a prescribed period requires bearing certain characteristics. And bearing after a period of time, increase in noise, vibration, wear and accuracy declining, ageing of the grease will cause bearing failure, or unable to meet the requirements of the kind of machinery. Prior to this failure of life, namely noise, wear life, service life lubrication grease life.
In addition to the above life outside bearing can no longer be used because there are sintered, break, crack, break, sealing, etc, which should serve as a bearing failure, failure stems from improper selection of bearing, machinery design, installation, use and maintenance of errors, and service life of the bearing should be distinguished.

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