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conomy and production efficiency compared

conomy and production efficiency compared

Date:2013/10/19 9:16:27

a) zinc infiltration economy and productivity
Infiltration of zinc in zinc utilization is high. Infiltration of zinc production efficiency is low, generally requires 3 ~ 5h. But the arrangement is more flexible, can be arranged in units of a single furnace production intermittent production. Overall, small quantities of small steel parts cost less than the infiltration of zinc galvanizing.
b) hot-dip galvanizing of the economy and productivity
The low utilization of hot-dip galvanized zinc, about 30% of the zinc in the hot dip galvanizing process and zinc to form zinc ash slag, only around 70% conversion to the hot dip galvanized zinc layer, a small part of a larger consumption of zinc . In addition, liquid zinc will corrode zinc pot, but also directly affect the cost of galvanizing. HDG production efficiency is high, galvanizing process takes only a few minutes to ten minutes. However, hot-dip galvanizing by the economics of producing intermittent. Even after melting generally have not produced insulation.
c) Galvanized economy and productivity
Galvanized zinc utilization was also higher, zinc deposition efficiency is higher than the infiltration of zinc, hot dip galvanized below. Galvanized mode can also be used intermittent production.

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