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Angular contact ball bearings check on the use of

Angular contact ball bearings check on the use of

Date:2013/10/29 9:37:01

Machine shaft parts, especially the spindle , thrust ball bearings are generally assembled into one , and a high rotational speed , and sometimes it will produce very high heat. This phenomenon if not removed , will cause the angular contact ball bearing overheating , and to the corresponding parts of the machine to produce thermal deformation temperature , serious cause spindle and tailstock is not high , which not only affects the accuracy and precision machine itself and would have bearing burn.
Rating fatigue life , refers to a group of the same type of bearing , operating under the same conditions , 90 % of the angular contact ball bearing does not appear rolling fatigue spalling of the total number of revolutions . At constant speed , the more the total running time to indicate the nominal fatigue life.
In the research thrust ball bearing life , you can not only consider the fatigue life, but also according to the performance of the bearing should have consolidated several usage limit to consider. For example , greased bearing grease life. Noise life , abrasion life, etc. , according to different purposes , using different reference limits , and therefore , most of the experience of pre-selected limits .
Therefore, only the survey angular contact ball bearing damage , injury is difficult to know the real reason . However , if you know the thrust ball bearings using mechanical , conditions of use , bearing the surrounding structure, to understand the situation before and after the accident , combined with state of the bearing damage , and several reasons, we can prevent similar incidents from recurring.
Angular contact ball bearings are available judgments, mainly on account of bearing damage , mechanical properties , importance, operating conditions , to be determined during the next overhaul . If you can not use the following defects must be replaced with new thrust ball bearings. The inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, cage on any cracks or gaps.
Kinds of bearing wear failure is a common failure modes, can generally be divided according to wear the most common form of abrasive wear and adhesive wear.
1 film resistors diagnostic techniques
    Features: for different operating conditions using the same criteria. For flaking , indentation , cracks or other abnormal diagnostic poor results.
    Application: for rotary axes exposed occasions.
2 Vibration diagnostic techniques
    Features : Vibration diagnostic technique widely used ; allows online monitoring ; diagnosis faster diagnosis theory has matured.
    Applications: especially suitable for rotating machinery angular contact ball bearing fault monitoring .
3 Ferrography diagnostic techniques
    Features : The machine without the disintegration ; investment is low , the effect is good ; able to find oil- bearing early fatigue failure ; do wear mechanism .
    Applications : Suitable for lubricants lubricated angular contact ball bearing fault diagnosis, for grease lubricated bearings more difficult.
4 Temperature diagnostic techniques
    Features : Diagnostic simple ; judgment on bearing burn better.
    Applications : Suitable for machine bearing simple routine diagnosis.
5 optical monitoring and diagnosis techniques
    Features : Fiber optic displacement sensor with high sensitivity ; directly extract the signal from non -oil bearing surface to improve the signal to noise ratio ; may directly reflect the angular contact ball bearing manufacturing quality , surface wear , load , lubrication and clearance situation .
    Applications: For the sensor can be installed in the bearing seat of the machine.
6 acoustic emission diagnostic techniques
    Features : Diagnostic fast, simple ; available on-line monitoring .
    Applications : In recent years the development of new technologies, in the bearing condition monitoring is seldom used .
    Direct hands to take non-oil bearing , to fully wash hands sweat , and coated with high-quality mineral oil before , during the rainy season and summer with particular attention to rust. In some special operating conditions, angular contact ball bearings can get a longer life of the conventional calculation , especially in the case of light load . These special operating condition is , when the rolling surface ( track and rolling member ) by a lubricant film to effectively separate and restrictions may result in contamination of surface damage . In fact, under ideal conditions , the so-called permanent bearing life is possible
    Does not allow a strong punch , does not allow a direct hit with a hammer bearing , does not allow pass through the rolling pressure .
Angular contact ball bearings a rotating inner ring and outer ring raceway, the rolling contact with the rolling body is thus running track for the dark side , running track attached to the roller surface does not belong to an exception , which can be traced load conditions , so removing oil-free bearings , please strict attention and observation raceway running track.


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