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How maintenance generator bearings?

How maintenance generator bearings?

Date:2013/11/7 9:49:22

Generator shaft using a plain bearings, ball and roller bearings, and its maintenance is as follows:
1 Maintenance sliding bearing
For the oil ring slides according to the following requirements for maintenance:
(A) Each generator runs continuously 300-400h, should change the oil once, for intermittent operation of the generator, at least once every six months to replace.
(2) regular oil sampling inspection, if the oil dark discoloration, turbidity, oil containing water or dirt should be replaced with new oil.
(3) operation, if the bearing heating, it should be replaced with new oil.
(2) the maintenance of ball or roller bearings Maintenance
(1) with ball bearings or roller bearings generators, each run (or a quarter) should be replaced grease once.
(2) For the long-term disabled the engine, the starter before the deal SKF bearing lubrication to be checked, if the original hardened grease or dirt should be replaced with new grease, fill in the amount of space for the bearing chamber 2/3, fill over more will cause bearing dysfunctional.

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