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Bearing liner material types and uses

Bearing liner material types and uses

Date:2013/11/8 11:33:55

1 , gray cast iron
It is suitable for low-speed, light- load and no shock loading , the commonly used materials are HT15-33, HT20-40
2 , copper bearing alloys
Its main ingredient is copper , phosphor bronze commonly used (ZQSn10-1) and aluminum bronze (ZQAC9-4). Phosphor bronze is a good anti-friction material , high mechanical strength , suitable for medium-speed , heavy-duty , high temperature and shock loading conditions. Aluminum bronze with good scuffing resistance , less wear and corrosion resistance , more suitable for steam and water conditions.
3 , oil-bearing
It is the use of bronze , cast iron powder , graphite powder to the amount of pressing , after high-temperature sintering of porous material , then put it at 120 ** the lubricating oil soaked , removing and then cooled to room temperature , the oil will be stored pores in the bearing . When the journal rotates in bearings , shaft suction effect and friction generates heat, oil expansion and squeeze friction surface lubrication ; axis stops running , the oil penetrate the bearings due to cooling of the pores . Oil bearing low prices , but also save non-ferrous metals , but the performance brittle , not to withstand impact loads , commonly used in low-speed or medium-speed , light-load , inconvenience lubrication occasions . Additional measures such as lubrication , but also can replace the copper bushing work under heavy load and high speed .
4 , nylon bearings
Commonly used are nylon 6, nylon 66 and nylon 100 . Nylon bearings running- good, wear debris after soft without injury journal , corrosion resistance , and can be lubricated with water or other liquids , etc., but the poor thermal conductivity , water will swell.
5 , bearing alloy ( babbitt )
It is a tin, lead, copper , antimony alloys. Bearing alloy with good antifriction and wear resistance , but the intensity is low, can not be made individually bearing , it is usually cast in bronze , cast iron, steel, shaft Waki body. There are two commonly used , namely: tin-based bearing alloy (ZChSnSb11-6), the main ingredient is tin . Lead-based bearing alloys (ZChPbSb16-16-2, ZChPbSb15-5) whose main ingredient is lead. Tin-based mechanical properties and corrosion resistance than lead-based good, but expensive , commonly used for heavy , high-speed and temperature below 110 **important bearings, such as steam turbines, large motors , internal combustion engines and high-speed lathes.
6 , three-layer composite bearing materials
Three composite bearing material is steel substrate , an intermediate layer of steel powder , the friction surface layer of plastic and a solid combination of self-lubricating materials in one . Advantage is that the two materials compatible with metals and plastics , both high strength , and good self-lubricating . Domestic steel back with PTFE composite and POM composite two kinds of steel back .
PTFE composite is a steel back lubricating materials , can be used as high-load (1400kg/cm2) temperature (270 **) temperature (-195 **), vacuum , water and other corrosive media, such as water and non- oil lubrication occasions.
POM steel back boundary lubricating composite material , the surface is POM, greased surface assembly , have a long service life can be extended lubrication intervals , especially for high-load , low-speed rotation , rocking motion , intermittent motion , impact fatigue loads or micro-vibration and other refueling difficult occasions. Suitable temperature -40 ** - 100 **range of continuous use. Intermittent motion using temperatures up to 130 **.

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