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Reduced bearing wear and maintenance methods

Reduced bearing wear and maintenance methods

Date:2013/11/18 10:56:20

There are three main bearing wear , namely: the bearing face of the wear of the bearing surfaces of the bearing material corrosion and aging. Bearing failure which caused the largest proportion of the wear of the bearing face , then how can the reduced bearing wear it ? In addition to using fine materials , selection of advanced manufacturing technology, reasonable design bearing structures, in the course of an important work to be done is to ensure the rational bearing lubrication . According to statistics, there are generally more bearing failures are caused by the poor lubrication .
Since the bearing with a precision of the parts , good lubrication can be kept in normal working gap and a suitable temperature, thus reducing wear of the bearing , reducing the bearing failure . Normal and reasonable lubrication is to reduce bearing failure is one of the effective measures . Guarantee good lubrication bearing a reasonable first choice of lubricant , according to the type of bearing selection and application of the normal structure of the different types of lubricants . Also always check the quality and quantity of lubricant . Insufficient quantity to replenish the quality is poor to be replaced.
Safeguard Bearing is a prerequisite for operation , maintenance is commonly used for bearing lubrication , and in the understanding of the bearing lubrication premise of the bearing system maintenance is also necessary to understand , let's look at how to proceed bearing Lubrication Maintenance.
Lubricant is very important not only for the bearings, but also for all bearings. Note, however, the bearing should not add too much grease . Then is to replace the bearing lubricant it. Use oil -lubricated bearings in addition to the old oil spilled after, if you can, should and then poured fresh oil and let the machine at low speed rotation a few minutes. Residual oil to collect as much as possible contaminants , and then spilled addition to these oils . The use of grease lubricated bearings in the replacement of grease to use when the device should be avoided except Joe Cotton in contact with any part of the bearing . Because these residual fibers may wedged in between rolling parts and cause damage, especially bearing applications should pay more attention this issue .
This shows that the normal use of the bearing lubrication great impact .

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