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How to operation check for NSK bearing

How to operation check for NSK bearing

NSK bearings after installation, check for the correct installation, operation should be checked. Small machinery can be rotated by hand to confirm rotate smoothly. Nick, causing dysfunction due to poor installation indent check project, install the torque produced by poor handling instability, clearance is too small, installation error, caused by excessive seal friction torque, and so on, and so on. If no power is not working properly, you can begin.
Large machinery cannot be manually rotated, so after a power cut the load, starting immediately, the machine idling, check vibration, noise, whether activities such as contact with moving parts, confirm no abnormal operating power.
Power, starting from no-load and low speed, slowly increase to operating conditions. Debugging things to check, whether there is abnormal noise, NSK bearing temperatures, lubricant leakage or discoloration. If an exception occurs, immediately stop operation, check the machine, if necessary, to remove the bearings check.
NSK bearing's temperature, and according to the external temperature of the bearing's guesses. But direct measurement of the hole in the outer ring of the bearing temperature more accurately. Bearing temperature, gradually increasing the operation, usually after 1-2 hours, temperature stability. If poor bearing installation, temperature rises dramatically, unusual high temperatures. Causes, such as excessive oil, bearing clearance is too small, install bad, excessive seal friction and. High speed rotation, NSK bearings, lubrication errors, nor is it.
NSK bearing turning sound with the stethoscope and other tests, has a strong metal noises, different tone, voice and other displays exception rules. Due to poor lubrication, shaft or bearings and precision bearings are damaged, foreign invasion and so on. 
NSK bearing fault as follows:
1, the tile surface corrosion: spectrum analysis found non-ferrous metal elements concentration anomaly; iron spectrum, there are many non-ferrous metal part of submicron wear particles; lubricating oil too much water, too much acidity.
2, Journal of the surface strain: ferrography cutting grinding or black iron oxide particles, metal surface temper color.
3, Journal of surface corrosion: spectrum analysis found abnormal concentrations of iron, iron spectrum, there are a lot of iron contents in the submicron particles, excessive moisture or excessive acid oil.
4, surface strain: iron spectrum found cutting abrasives, composed of non-ferrous metals.
5, w back fretting: spectral analysis of abnormal levels of iron, iron spectrum, there are a lot of wear on the iron content in the submicron particles, water in oil and acid exception.
Liquid lubrication, no risk of direct contact with the oil separation slip surface, can also significantly reduce the loss of surface friction and wear, film has some ability to absorb shock.

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