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New method of NSK bearing heating Assembly

New method of NSK bearing heating Assembly

NSK bearings replaced the two most common ways: one is the direct heating of the bearings used acetylene oxygen, and the other was smaller heating oil bearing, to thermal expansion, expansion of the bearing holes for Assembly. These are long-term maintenance of equipment has been widely, basic maintenance of the equipment, to meet and resolve problems in the bearing Assembly. However, both methods to ensure that bearing heating, heating temperature uniformity area, it is difficult to determine. As traditional single gas burner heating oxygen acetylene, from experience in the heating process, NSK bearings heat is added to the appropriate temperature is difficult to grasp. Temperature, annealing bearing will degrade the mechanical properties of bearing; temperature is too low, thermal expansion values are not difficult to assemble. In the maintenance of equipment, repair will sometimes because there is not enough heat bearings, NSK bearing install the correct position, forced to take off heavy equipment, thereby increasing the labor intensity of workers. To this end, we propose to change the traditional special bearing.
1 electric alternative oxygen acetylene heating. Cylindrical furnace named NSK bearing heaters, according to the diameter of the bearing, graphic design, you can design different specifications of the electricity and heating equipment bearing (bearing inside diameter φ 300mm/more). The heating device offers the following advantages: uniform thermal radiation, stability, bearing heating surface free of dust, clean, clean, and easy to measure and control temperature bearings.
2, heating surface temperature monitoring and infrared thermometer NSK bearings. Bearing Assembly generally under 100 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ appropriate calorific value. At this temperature, maximum value of thermal expansion of the bearing steel and bearings, to facilitate Assembly, the bearing temperature, without changes of mechanical properties and high reliability.
NSK bearing better than conventional electric heaters heating oxygen acetylene, in short, is to improve the accuracy and efficiency of bearing Assembly, effective ways to reduce labor intensity.
Test micro of instrument, spindle bearing and 6202/P2 its precision cannot meet requirements, Hou in the magazine and production of bold precision measurement of size every time three group, each group take ball, to replaced within ring roll road, ball came to close 120 ° of time interval, due to increased has heavy of processing surface, weight added to surface, while improve has system of axis and NSK bearing of stiffness, and maximum of three a ball posted with minimum of three a equidistant of spread, while also improve has rotating axis of precision, so, To meet the accuracy of the instrument.
NSK bearings, after the end of the installation of the host, such as measurement of spindle runout, but found its measured value transmission has a change, continuous measurements, can be found after a certain number of revolutions, this change will approximate repetition. Indicators measuring the variability of this cyclic running accuracy, about need to rotate the representatives "quasi-periodic" cycle quasi-periodic variation value accuracy, precision differential rotation cycle.
If due to lack of preload of spindle, declining operating speed, NSK bearings implement "break-in" effect, you can improve the accuracy of spindle rotation cycle.

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