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NSK bearing lubricant under high temperature environment of

NSK bearing lubricant under high temperature environment of

Even in extreme operating conditions, must be very clean environment, or extreme temperature conditions, effective lubrication equipment, will be very difficult and expensive.
At very low temperatures, lubricating oil may fail and generate a lot of friction bearings. In the food, pharmaceutical and medical applications, and the requirements of the health concerns, restrict or prohibit the use of grease or oil, which is usually very expensive, the use of alternatives.
Insufficient lubrication of the bearing life will be limited, thus affecting the machine's performance and productivity. Although there is also another extreme lubrication solutions, but many will lead to other problems. Lubricant to reduce friction at extremely high temperatures may melt or evaporate.
Even with oil, regular cleaning to wash away the lubricant, so that water entering the bearings, causing premature bearing failure. Choose your NSK Bearings designed a series of bearings and lubricant solutions specifically for the challenges of extreme operating conditions, extreme application solutions.
This not only causes environmental problems and oil procurement and disposal costs, and the time and labor required for continuous bearing lubrication.
These solutions combine advanced materials NSK Bearings, bearing design, equipment reliability and applications expertise to know how to help you break through the limitations, so to achieve the performance of equipment, bearing life, productivity and cost control, although may be significantly improved.

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