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NSK bearing stamping knowledge introduction

Nsk bearing stamping knowledge introduction

      Nsk bearing stamping process basics :

      A process for forming the sheet material through a die to produce the finished part obtained by plastic deformation called stamping . Since stamping is usually carried out in the cold state , it is also known as cold pressing . Only when the plate thickness exceeds 8 ~ 100mm only when using hot stamping . The raw material is generally punching sheet or strip, it is also known as sheet metal stamping . Some non-metallic sheet ( such as rubber wood, mica , asbestos, leather , etc. ) can also be processed using the stamping process . Stamping metal products are widely used in various industries , especially occupies an extremely important position in the automotive, instrumentation, military , household appliances and other industries.

      Stamping die high production costs , and therefore suitable for mass production . For small quantity and variety of production , often using simple die , while the introduction of new equipment such as punching machining centers to meet the market demand for innovative ideas . Sheet metal stamping materials commonly used low-carbon steel , copper, aluminum , magnesium alloy and alloy high plasticity Gang . As mentioned above , the material shape of sheet and strip .

      Nsk bearing stamping processing basic features:

      Because some of these features with stamping and mechanical aspects of deformation , resulting in the formation of a number of stamping technology and bulk forming different characteristics. Since the unit does not require a lot of pressure exerted on the plate surface can make the hair forming, stamping technology so research on mold strength and stiffness is not very important , but instead developed a simple mold learn more techniques . For the same reason , also contributed to by the process for forming the gas or liquid pressure to develop .

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