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Needle roller bearings are three ways erosion and impact on life

Needle roller bearings are three ways erosion and impact on life

Date:2013/9/24 9:41:33

       To predict the fatigue life of roller bearings, determine the remaining life of the bearing on the need to understand all the fatigue phenomenon, this will take a very long time. However, since the contact point of fatigue stress fatigue occurs, to achieve a great material damage will occur changes. Thus, in addition to the surface of incipient crack, roller suffer chemical effects, the crack propagation of the material before changing conditions, the test material change may determine the bearing fatigue.
       Needle roller bearings from the use of the environment is different, so the performance of erosion is different, because the erosion in different ways. Bearing this course, can not escape the fate of being eroded, following on to talk about the bearing being eroded in three ways.
1, cavitation
     Cavitation is a needle bearing contact with the liquid and the solid surface for the relative motion of the surface damage arising form. When the low pressure lubricating oil film, the oil will form a bubble, the bubble movement to the high pressure zone, the bubbles collapse under pressure, at the moment of collapse have a great impact force and a high temperature, the solid surface in under repeated impact force, the material fatigue off, so that the friction surface of small pits, and then developed into a sponge-like scars. Overloading, high-speed, large changes in load and speed plain bearings, often cavitation;
2, the fluid erosion
     The fluid needle bearing fluid erosion is intense shock to the solid surface can cause fluid erosion, the solid surface punctate scars, this damage smooth surface;
3, the electrical erosion
     Bearing corrosion is due to the electrical motor or electrical leakage, the needle bearing spark generated between the friction surface, the friction surface, causing dot-like wounds, characterized in that the damage of the journal forth in hard surface.
     Needle bearing fatigue, can be measured by using X-ray residual stress of the raceway surface of the diffraction line width at half amplitude, change in the amount of residual austenite to master.

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