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Criteria to make sure your bearings can be remanufactured

Remanufacturing is most economical for bearings at least 8 inches OD. 


Perhaps the most difficult task is determining if and when a bearing needs to be serviced. This determination requires much more than a quick visual inspection. Below are a few signs to look for when inspecting bearings that may need to be repaired:


  • The bearing is nearing suggested life expectancy.
  • The bearing has exceeded an operating temperature of 200° F (93° C).
  • The bearing has been exposed to excessive vibration.
  • The bearing experienced a sudden drop or gain in lubrication.


Paying attention to these details during regular maintenance checks can help you determine if a bearing needs maintenance before it causes unnecessary downtime and expense. Careful observation is the first step to creating a program that monitors your bearings and surround operations.

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