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Bearing running track and a method applied load

Bearing running track and a method applied load

Bearing a rotating inner ring and outer ring raceway, the rolling contact with the rolling body is thus running track for the dark side , running track attached to the roller surface does not belong to an exception , which can be very variable load conditions , so remove the bearing case, strict attention and observation raceway running track. If you look at the trajectory , then this will only burden that radial load to bear large axial load, moment load to bear , or the extreme rigidity of the bearing housing inequality .
You can check whether the bearing loads and added an unexpected installation error whether NUS , etc., and become held for clues to the cause bearing damage .
If no errors, and correctly used, the bearing life before , but with a very long period of time, in this case , the damage state is releasable . On the other hand , there are unexpectedly early damage, and stand up to use the early damage , as the early injury causes, and to consider the use and lubricated enough, then there is foreign invasion, the bearing assembly and the shaft deflection error on the shaft and the bearing housing and inadequate research .
It can be said that these reasons are more overlap each case . Therefore, to fully understand the bearings of the machine , conditions of use , bearing periphery based on the structure , if you can clarify the situation before and after the accident , combined damage of the bearing and inspect a variety of reasons , it is possible to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

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