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Distinguish between true and false bearings simple way

Distinguish between true and false bearings simple way

1 First Look Bearing outer box, the general packaging of white, blue, red bar under. But over the past two years, there are flower boxes, pattern into a number of trademarks.
2 Look at the bearing production date, if the bearing from the side to open the box, box has a production date and date code.
3.2000 years after the production of bearings, bearings have a bar code on the packaging.
4 Look bearing type, bearing type suffix letters A, B, C, D, E, etc. These letters represent different production year.
5 Note that the font on the label, S is the narrow width, K and F painted on the left side of the vertical pits.
6 Look at Seal, Bearing marked type, origin of the letters have two kinds of pickling and laser processing. Touch is relatively smooth, the font is generally false bearing engraved.
7 Look at origin, ball bearings Origin: Malaysia, Italy, France, the United States (U.S. production bearings are generally used only in the United States); short cylindrical bearings Origin: Germany; angular contact bearings Origin: Austria; spherical roller bearings Origin: Malaysia (generally small 2315,2316,2318), Sweden (large model), Germany (large type); needle roller bearings Origin: Germany.
8 Bearing opened the package, big bearing is generally sealed plastic bags, small bearings for the plastic wrapping. Bearing a layer of grease, really bearing bright appearance, no rust and pitting.

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