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Why would ina bearing fatigue failure?

Why would ina bearing fatigue failure?


        Reason 1: Overall eccentric bearing accuracy is low; Solution: use specified levels of precision bearings.

        Reason 2: The spindle is bent or cabinet hole misalignment; Solution: Fix the spindle or box.

        Reason 3: belt too tight; Solution: Adjust the belt so that the proper tightness.

        Reason 4: poor lubrication; Solution: grades of lubricating material selection requirements and properly cleaned.

        Reason 5: Low-assembly quality; Solution: improve assembly quality.

        Reason 6: bearing housing laps; Solution: Replace worn bearings and related components.

        Reason 7: axial force is too large; Solution: cleaning, align the seal ring clearance requirements between 0,2 ~ 0,3 mm, corrections balanced impeller diameter and check static equilibrium value.

        Reason 8: Bearing damage; Solution: Replace the bearings.

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