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Four Ina Bearing Fault

Four Ina Bearing Fault

      About ina bearing common faults are the following four:

      1 , the preparatory work prior to installation of the bearing must be fully prepared to use professional supporting bearing installation tool , and make sure they are clean installation tools , rusty tools can not be used , to avoid falling dust during installation. Once the dust falls on the bearing raceways or rolling body , ina bearings after a long operation will increase the bearing wear . After the installation is complete but also with professional testing equipment to detect bearing is fully installed correctly.

      2 , ina bearing special lubricants to choose and use the right lubricant filling method , the only way to achieve the maximum effect adding lubricant to extend the working hours of the bearing .

      3 , between the formal installation , remember Do not open sealed packages bearing , if the bearing is exposed to moisture , it will produce rust, peeling open even when the bearing cleaning must be carried out under completely sealed state. Installation work environment must be kept clean, because these are the factors that affect the accuracy of the bearing .

      4, to avoid load bearing long-term work than expected , this will accelerate the aging of bearings and main equipment , greatly reducing the life of the bearing .

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