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INA bearing the scroll track and distinguish of grease analysis

INA bearing the scroll track and distinguish of grease analysis


A, INA bearing the scroll track
  INA bearings a turned, and within ring and outer ring of roll road surface, causes Shang actually is simple, because and scroll body is scroll contact, so run track for dark surface, run track attached in roll road surface Shang not belonging to exception, this variable can learned that load conditions, so we in split Xia INA bearing of situation Xia, please strictly note and observation roll road surface of run track. If you look closely at the track, you will learn that bear radial loads, bear large axial load, tolerance torque loads, uneven or has an extremely rigid on the bearing box.
If they can't do it ', we did not do as requested, then before the INA bearing life, but for a very long time, in this case, damage to split. The other hand, has unexpectedly early damage, and stand up to early damage, as the reason for the early damage, on the consideration of use and lubricated enough, and the intrusion of foreign bodies, INA bearing Assembly error and the deflection of the shaft, shaft and housing research is not enough.
B, grease to distinguish law
1. the hand-twist method
  Lubricating oil between the thumb and index finger back and forth grinding of twist, a good lubricant lubricant hand feel, less dust, friction-free, grit like a larger sense of friction between your fingers, then oil impurities, can no longer be used and should be replaced with new lubricant.
2. light method
  On a sunny day, use screwdriver to lift lubricating oil, with the water level angle of 45 degrees. Against the Sun, observing oil droplets, light, you can clearly see no debris in lubricating oil for good may continue to function, if too much dust, oil changes.
3. the method of oil drops traces
  Take a clean white filter paper, drip a few drops of water on the paper, after treating the leakage of lubricant, if surface has black powder, tart touch resistance, then the impurities inside has lots of lubricating oil, good lubricating oil-free powder, feels dry and smooth with your hands, and yellow marks.
4. oil flow observation method
  Take two only measuring cup, which a Sheng to be check of lubricant, another a only empty put in desktop Shang, will Sheng full lubricant of measuring cup lift high left desktop 30-40 cm and tilt, let lubricant slowly flow to empty Cup in the, observation its mobile situation, quality good of lubricant oil flow Shi should is slender, and uniform, and continuous, if appeared oil flow suddenly fast suddenly slow, sometimes has chunks shed, is said lubricant has metamorphic.

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