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INA bearing new applications and basic performance requirements

INA bearing new applications and basic performance requirements


SF-2 plus community lubrication bearing: acid poly methyl enjoy aldehyde, has is high of wear performance, INA bearingssurface has arrangement law of with oil pit Assembly Shi must James full lubrication grease, special applies Yu high contains speed Xia of rotating movement, swing movement and often in contains negative Xia, hoist and easily formed fluid lubrication of parts, in border lubrication conditions Xia, can long-term using and without refueling maintenance, and process in the refueling can make bearing of using life to more extended, currently applies Yu metallurgical machinery, mine machinery, water machinery, Automotive parts, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and so on.
Oilless self-lubricating bearings: the product is based on steel backing, sintered porous bronze powder the middle tier, rolling in the surface layer mixture made of PTFE and lead. It has low friction, wear and corrosion. characteristics of Oilless self-lubricating and long life, and it enables you to reduce costs, reduce noise, to prevent sticking and slipping. It is widely used in various sliding mechanical parts such as printing machine, textile machine, tobacco, hydraulic truck machine, medicinal equipment, fitness equipment, motors, automobiles, motorcycles, etc.
Metal-inlaid solid self-lubricating bearing: INA is a combination of metal bearing characteristics and self-lubricating bearing characteristics of new lubricating bearings, metal substrate loading, special formulations of solid lubricant lubricate. It has a high load carrying capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistant, self-lubricating capability, and other characteristics.
Conventional oil bearing: as with low noise, the advantages of self-lubrication, bearings has become the new favorite of computer CPU fan bearing, large market share; in addition, as people increasingly high requirements for noise, oil bearing applications in everyday household appliances is expanding.
INA bearing the basic requirements for materials to a large extent depends on bearing performance. Suitability of selected manufacturing materials for rolling bearings, on its use and the life expectancy will have a significant performance impact. Under normal circumstances, is the main failure mode of rolling bearing fatigue spalling under alternating stress, as well as the loss of precision of the bearing friction and wear. In addition, there are cracks, marks, corrosion caused abnormal damage of the bearings. Therefore, rolling bearings should have a high resistance to plastic deformation capacity, less friction and wear, excellent running accuracy, good dimensional accuracy and stability, as well as contact fatigue life long. And many of these properties is determined by the materials and heat treatment process.

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