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Research INA Bearing mechanical injuries related to the anti-card performance

Research INA Bearing mechanical injuries related to the anti-card performance


Under normal circumstances, such as the INA bearing surface appears mechanical injuries, INA bearings to be scrapped, or overall grinding scars rubbed off, may be used. But in this case the double row spherical roller bearings price is expensive, while taking the bearings used only for slow swinging motion, the working surface of the INA bearings mainly take radial static load, so take the local grinding with small grinding wheel, Whetstone polished convex area of the injury, wounds will use in the non-load or load area, so that the bearing can work.
INA Bearing own internal stress is too large, relatively high speed, or outside predisposing factors, by the tensile stress at points of stress concentration ----- small inner side of the oil groove at first cracking, cracking due to the inner ring leaving the bearing internal clearance suddenly disappeared, INA Bearing killed in a very short period of time, the raceway working surface temperature increased, the surface there is a folding, deformation, wear and tear, the grinding burn layer, grinding cracks, the individual at the temperature greater than 1000 degrees and material melting phenomenon.
INA new structure bearing anti-card performance is mainly manifested in:
Maintain the original INA bearing mounting dimensions remain unchanged conditions, increasing the diameter of the ball, reducing the friction inside the bearing.
Increase the INA Bearing internal clearance from the original general level to increase in the third and fourth auxiliary clearance.
Appropriate to increase internal and external rolling groove curvature radius appropriate repair by the height of the wall of the inner and outer rings (outer diameter and inner diameter size).
Flexible nylon cage, to prevent dirt intrusion bearing raceways, cage is broken and stuck the ball.

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