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Of grease stability INA bearings running role

Of grease stability INA bearings running role


Very important the bearing grease security move bearing, grease ordinary recommend a larger selection of consistency, rather than the smaller the consistency of grease. In contrast with this, in order to reduce the troubled times of revolutions of the bearing, especially start turn troubled times Normal speed is not too high INA bearings touches way can be used preferably low viscosity grease.
The outcome of the plastic viscosity of the grease is greater than the viscosity of the base oil, and grease film having a clear elastic, and therefore its resistance to load caliber greater than the base oil. Simply appropriate the viscosity of the base oil, grease resistance load abilities are no results. Under the premise of boundary lubrication or extreme pressure lubrication, mainly relying on additives to progress the function of anti-wear and extreme pressure, the contented lubrication premise of requirements.
Accurately applying grease, and must know the grease in the bearing movement. Filled in to move the movement of the bearing grease, followed by rotation of the bearing can be divided into two phases. In ordinary circumstances, the filling amount of grease inside the bearing, is always beyond the direct intervention lubrication theory demand sector the grease quickly (less than one minute) is extruded in the initial stage of the operation of the bearing raceways being deposited in the cavity adhere to the rack and INA Bearing cover and move the center of the body to form a contour. In this process, because the excess grease resistance, the bearing temperature increases rapidly. While most of the excess grease is squeezed out early in the operation and squeeze in the raceway attachments grease also still be rolling move into the raceway. These greases followed by rolling element bearings reincarnation, one after another to be discharged. The bearing Timor still inherit the rise, until the excess grease discharge
Called grease go together stage, according to the INA bearing structure grease quality, filler content and other factors, this time for ten minutes, or even hours.
Remaining grease is completely discharged, the rest of the large number of grease in the move, raceway, adhere to the frame between the contact faces of membership wedge a thin layer of grease film to enter the normal operation of the bearing stage . At this time the temperature decreased gradually and reach a balanced shape. In other words, temporary lubrication, mainly relying on this layer of grease film to bear. In addition, the INA Bearing temporary operation process, the outline of the move and raceway near and adhere to the grease rack to atrophy and the separation of part of the base oil flowing into the raceway, the addition of the lubrication effect.
The different grease in the bearing contour of the opening is not the same, must constitute contours, a very draft, go for a short time, temporary operation INA Bearing temperature is low, and bumps, this is an ideal grease, so the grease into the drain resistance is especially important.
Some of the so-called vortex grease is not the case, is not easy to form contours, even if it constitutes outline easily collapse, then repeated back to the excess grease temporary rolling hang in strongly stirring condition, INA bearings torque, high temperature, and uneven, you can also occur ignition noise, the grease easily transformed and loss.

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