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INA bearing design procedures are described

INA bearing design procedures are described


From the design process, according to INA knowledge of bearings and bearing the original theorem, INA bearings design process is generally divided into the following steps:
(1) enter the model and size
Determine the INA bearing type and size, according to the user's manual models, dimensions can be found in the national standard of mechanical design, such as diameter, inside diameter, high amplitude, the radial clearance axial minimum chamfer,
(2) to determine the structural parameters
Depending on the type of INA bearing, optional: precision, clearance groups, the hole, the hole, the cage-like structure, and other parameters to guide, you need to open the accuracy grade selected, clearance groups, holes, Shandong University, master's degree thesis hole type, the cage-like structure, guide mode, and other parameters.
(3) determine the structure of main design parameters and related parameters
Design calculation, calculation of the main parameters of continuous adjustments and auxiliary parameters, repeatedly, until you're satisfied. If the roller, roller length quantity requirements of the main parameters of the minimum wall thickness of the outer ring, roller spacing, under dynamic loading conditions requiring considerable adjustment hand-optimized final result.
(4) draw a scale plan
Use AutoCAD software to draw a scale plan of the current parameter, and save the file.
(5) calculates the resulting draft
1-4 the first step in the process will be evaluated, adjusting the log as a text file, so that traceability, product reviews of the final value.
(6) the Assembly drawing of the output products, parts
Assembly drawing drawing using AutoCAD software products, replacement parts. Since INA is similar to shape of the structure bearing the same, but the difference in size, it is usually replaced CAD template file directly to output non-scale maps to guide the production of value. Work flow diagram: enter the model and size, to determine the structure of arguments, to determine parameters the main parameters and the associated drawing scale maps, displaying the calculation result, draft and build the chart output products.

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