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Introduce foreign bearing heat treatment method

Introduce foreign bearing heat treatment method

Date:2013/10/23 10:22:28

Foreign bearing heat treatment method introduced Abstract: heat treatment quality is directly related parts ultimately affect the quality of subsequent processing performance life of heat energy guzzler machinery industry polluters scientific and technological advances in recent years, the application of heat and heat treatment technology mainly the following aspects Clean heat treatment of dust formation effluents noise pollution to the environment to solve electromagnetic radiation treatment of environmental pollution thk SBN 5012-5 screw 2002 : machine tools, the WTO is a challenge but also the opportunity to increase the experts pointed out that China's CNC machine tool research and development efforts to accelerate the development of universal CNC machine tools Rambling Chinese machine tool manufacturing services competitive Chinese market, milling machines and machining centers Situation and Prospect of the technological level of domestic lathes and machining centers direction of world production , demand and development trend of world development trend of domestic and foreign machine tool numerical control system development trends
Surface coating techniques include : physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), radio frequency sputtering (RF), plasma spraying (Plasma spraying coating, PSC), electroless plating , etc. [ 38 ~ 42 ] . PVD and CVD compared to the workpiece to be processed during the process of low temperature raw , without further heat treatment after plating , re- bearing parts of the surface treatment to be more widely used. 100Cr6, 440C steel bearings and other parts by PVD, CVD or RF -plated TiC, TiN, TiAlN , etc. , you can improve the wear resistance of the bearing parts , contact fatigue resistance , lower surface friction coefficient .
SKF company in recent years has developed two plating techniques : First, a PVD in the bearing rings and rolling plated high hardness of diamond structure of carbon (Diamond-Like Carbon, DLC), surface hardness than the hardened bearing steel high 40 ~ 80% , the friction coefficient is similar to PTFE or MoS2, having self-lubricating properties , and is well bonded to the substrate , no peeling , the bearing life , abrasion resistance greatly improved in the case off the oil can still work , is called as "NoWear bearing" [38]; two is the use of PSC in the outer surface of the outer ring of the bearing layer of 100��m after spraying alumina , the bearing capacity of up to 1000V insulation above by increasing the thickness of the bearing alumina has a higher insulation capability. Coated with alumina substrate with a solid , but also improve the corrosion resistance of the bearing , the bearing after plating (INSOCOATTM bearing) can be installed like a normal bearing the same [ 39 ] .
Low temperature ion Sulfur is the late 1980s, the surface modification technology . The basic principle of ion nitriding similar to that in a certain degree of vacuum , the use of high voltage DC to sulfur-containing gas ionizes the surface of the sulfur ion bombardment of the workpiece surface and the reaction of iron with a thickness of about 10��m FeS -based vulcanization material layer . Sulfide solid lubricant is good , effectively reducing the steel contact surface friction coefficient , and with the load increases , the friction coefficient further reduced, it can greatly improve the wear resistance of bearing heavy loads , the bearing life can be increased by 3 times.
Heat treatment quality is directly related with the subsequent processing quality parts that ultimately affect the performance and life , while heat is energy guzzler machinery industry and polluters . In recent years, with scientific and technological progress and its applications in heat treatment , heat treatment technology is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
( 1 ) Clean the heat
Forming heat treatment production wastewater , waste gas, waste salt , dust, noise and electromagnetic radiation etc. pollute the environment . Solution heat treatment of environmental pollution problems , the implementation of clean heat treatment ( also known as green heat treatment ) was developed heat treatment technology development directions. To reduce SO2, CO, CO2, emissions of dust and cinder has basically put an end to the use of coal as fuel , heavy fuel oil usage is less and less in favor of the majority of light oil , natural gas is still the ideal fuel . Furnace waste heat utilization has reached a high degree of structural optimization and the burner air - fuel ratio of the strict control of combustion to ensure reasonable premise , the NOX and CO is reduced to a minimum ; using a gas carburizing, carbonitriding and vacuum heat treatment technology to replace the salt treatment to reduce the waste salt and CN- containing toxic pollution of water sources ; using water-soluble synthetic oil instead of part of the quenching oil quenching , using biodegradable vegetable oil instead of mineral oil to reduce the portion of oil pollution .
( 2 ) precise heat treatment
Precise heat treatment has two meanings : one is based on the requirements of parts , materials, structure size, the use of physical metallurgy knowledge and advanced computer simulation and testing technology, optimize the process parameters to achieve the desired performance or to maximize the material potential ; other hand, fully guarantee the stability of process optimization , product quality dispersion is small ( or zero ) and heat treatment distortion zero.
( 3 ) energy-saving heat
Scientific production and energy management is the most efficient use of energy has the potential factors that establish a professional heat treatment plant in order to ensure full capacity , give full play equipment capacity is scientific management options. In the heat energy mix , preference primary energy ; make full use of waste heat , waste heat ; using low energy consumption, short cycle process instead of a long cycle , energy consumption and crafts.
( 4 ) less non-oxidation heat treatment
Replaced by the use of protective atmosphere heating oxidizing atmosphere heated to a precise control of the carbon potential, nitrogen potential of the controlled atmosphere heating , heat treatment to improve the performance of parts , such as decarburization treatment defects , cracks, significantly reduced after heat treatment to reduce the amount of finishing allowance to improve the utilization of materials and machining efficiency. Vacuum plus hot quenching, vacuum or low pressure carburizing , nitriding, nitrocarburizing and Boronizing etc. can significantly improve quality and reduce distortion , and increased life expectancy .
Bearing parts of the heat treatment quality control in the whole machinery industry is the most stringent . Bearing heat treatment in the past 20 so years has made great progress, mainly in the following areas: basic theory of heat ; heat treatment process and application technology research ; novel heat treatment equipment and related technologies .

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