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Crusher bearings how to maintain?

Crusher bearings how to maintain?

Date:2013/11/7 9:58:02

Online maintenance is regular oil filter, oil remain unobstructed, the oil in a timely manner, oil clean. Regularly timed filling and so on. SKF Bearing expires after use need for timely replacement.
Use scouring oil wash the dirty stuff, and then lubricating maintenance, if not oil, the bubble will be faster after the last oil rust stains.
SKF bearings can be removed to the side of the lid with a scouring oil (gas stations sell 15 yuan / bottle) to wash. Washing oil can on the sewing machine oil.
Engine oil if too sticky, add a little WD-40 is not bad.
But rain skating is taboo, bearings will rust ruined.
Bearing oil away from water and maintenance must be immediately

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