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Research raceway shaft and bearing noise problem with the gap

Research raceway shaft and bearing noise problem with the gap

Date:2013/8/27 9:24:27

Despite bearing raceway noise is inevitable, however, precision machined parts can be taken to the work surface, use the correct selection of bearings and precision bearings make noise damping.
Raceway sound is due to rotation of the bearing rolling elements and the raceway scroll inspire a kind of smooth and continuous noise, only when its sound pressure level or tone when aroused great attention. In fact, inspired raceway sound acoustic energy is limited, as in normal circumstances, the sound quality is bearing raceway. This noise to withstand the radial load row deep groove ball bearings are the most typical, it has the following characteristics: noise, vibration is random; vibration frequencies above 1kHz; regardless of how the changes in speed, the noise is almost constant while the main frequency sound pressure level is increasing with the speed increase; when the radial clearance increases, the sound pressure level increased dramatically; bearing stiffness increases, the total sound pressure level is lower, even if the speed increases, the total sound pressure level has also increased little ; the higher viscosity of the lubricant, the lower the sound pressure level, but for grease lubrication, the viscosity, the fiber shape and size soap can affect the noise value.
Raceway sound source is to be generated after the load caused by the natural vibration of the ring. Since the elastic rings and rolling contact with nonlinear vibration system constituted. When lubrication or machining accuracy is not high flexibility with this feature will be excited about the inherent vibration transmitted into the air then becomes noise. As we all know, even with the highest levels of modern manufacturing technology machining bearing parts, the work surface there will always be varying degrees of tiny geometric errors, so that between the raceway and rolling elements excite vibrations produce tiny fluctuations inherent in the system vibration.
The linear bearings into the bearing seat should be used when auxiliary work, avoiding a direct hit end or ring, you should use a uniform bearing import buffer plate, with gently tapping into
The penetration axis linear bearings, the shaft and the bearing to the center line of a straight line. If the axis is tilted insertion, the ball may come off or cause the cage variants, and cause damage to the linear bearings
Applied load should be evenly distributed throughout the bearing, especially under transient load should be used when two or more bearings. Linear bearings does not bear rotating load, or can lead to an accident.

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