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Spherical plain bearing cooling and quenching method

Spherical plain bearing cooling and quenching method

Date:2013/8/28 9:55:25

Spherical plain bearing is famous for its high quality, its sales volume ranked first in the world, for manufacturing bearings is excellence, with its own set of strict manufacturing specifications and manufacturing requirements, strict quality control make it branding, quality, reputation, received praise from industry.
Different of joints bearing parts of ingredients, and shape, and design, and size, to mechanics of performance requirements are is different of, used of are is different of quenching method, generally each kind of bearing steel has fixed of c curve, and cooling media decided has bearing quenching Hou of organization and mechanics performance is standard, so to these factors will specific of do focus considered analysis, in actual made process in the bearing parts of heat treatment defects of produced, and cooling joints bearing of media are is has directly of relationship.
In bearing heat treatment furnace heated to fully after refinery, in order to strictly technical parameters, are through hardening treatment, after cooling of bearings to obtain martensite organizations, bearing cooling rate must be greater than the critical cooling rate, cooling rate too fast you make volumetric shrinkage and microstructure transformation of violent, caused a great deal of stress. Obtain the martensite condition "f", so be sure to pay attention to cooling speed, so that you can receive qualified martensite.
Select an appropriate quenchant is particularly important, it determines the joint after quenching microstructure and mechanical properties of bearing parts, quenching medium usually has three solid, liquid and gas, change of physical state when you press the bearing quenching medium is divided into physical state changes in the physical state changes occurred, and no class.
In quenching medium in the ease of making choices as a whole is the most important, it determines the joint organization and property of bearing quenching after integral and quenching medium gases and liquids, and solid, relatively speaking, less for gas, in accordance with quenching, changes can be divided into biological change does not occur and change these two categories.

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