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Double row tapered roller bearings Installation

Double row tapered roller bearings Installation

Date:2013/9/10 9:17:56

Installing double row tapered roller bearings, each bearing components must be installed in the correct order. Component to a letter recognition. All parts of the same bearings are marked with the same serial number, so if you want to install several bearings, there is no risk of confusion parts.
In most applications, rolling mill, the load on the outer direction is constant, so that only about a quarter of the outer ring raceway under load. Therefore, the side of the outer ring is divided into four regions, labeled with I to IV. Load area I also met with a mark out of the loop through the outer surface of the cable.
Bearing first installed, it is usually placed in the area I load direction. Chocks reinstalled, the outer ring should be rotated 90 degrees so that the next area to withstand loads. If necessary, detailed installation instructions can be provided together with the bearing.
Installing smaller TDI bearing structure, attention should be relatively thin intermediate zone does not occur due to compressional deformation, for example, tighten the bearing cap screws. This will cause the bearing axial clearance is too small or too high preload. Therefore, it is recommended to provide suitable bearing in the bearing cover the width of the socket, this kind of bearing into the bearing housing.

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