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Cylindrical bore bearing installation tips

Cylindrical bore bearing installation tips

Date:2013/10/8 9:47:40

Bearing installation and removal methods should be based on the structure of the bearing , the bearing size and nature of the components with the . Installation and removal of pressure should be directly added to the tight fit of the stalls circle end face , you can not pass through the rolling pressure , as this will cause the bearing surface indentation, affect the bearing work, and even cause bearing damage. Bearing cage , seals, dust cover and other parts are easily deformed , installing or removing the bearing pressure is not applied to these parts.

( 1 ) the bearing inner ring and the shaft is a tight fit , the outer ring is relatively loose fit with the housing , can be pressed to press the bearings mounted on bearings , and the shaft together with the bearing into the housing , when installed in the pressure the end face of the bearing pad assembly of a soft metal material sleeve ( copper or soft steel ) . Assembly casing diameter should be slightly larger than the journal diameter , outer diameter less than the inner diameter of the bearing wall diameter , in order to avoid pressure on the retainer . When a large number of mounting the bearing on the sleeve plus a handle .

To install the bearing bore and the shaft center line of the bearing coincide. Skewed relative to the shaft bearing is not only difficult to install , but will also cause creasing, bending and even make journal bearing inner ring fracture.

In the absence or inability to use the local press , you can use a hammer assembly casing and install bearings. Hammering force should be evenly spread to the entire circumference of the bearing ring face , so assembly casing is made by hammering the face should be spherical .

( 2 ) the bearing outer ring and the housing bore is a tight fit , the inner ring and the shaft is relatively loose fit , can be pressed into the bearing housing , when the outer diameter of the casing assembly should be slightly smaller than the housing bore.

( 3 ) bearing inner ring and the shaft , the outer ring and shell holes are a tight fit , the assembly casing face should be made simultaneously pressed bearing inner ring face of the ring , or a disc and sleeve assembly , making pressure on both inner and outer rings spread , pressed into the shaft and the bearing housing . This installation method is particularly suitable for automatically aligning radial spherical bearing installation .

( 4 ) heating installation, the force required to install the bearings and bearing size and amount of interference with the size of that for a large amount of interference , the large bearing commonly used method of thermal loading . Thermal loading before the bearings or bearing rings into the detachable fuel tank or a dedicated heater uniformly heated to 80 ~ 100 �� ( should not exceed 100 ��).

Thermal loading bearing requires a skilled operator skills. When the bearing from the heating tank or heater removed , immediately with a clean cloth ( not with cotton ) wipe the surface of the bearing traces of oil and attachments, and then placed in the mating surface of the front bearing pushed in a single operation to withstand the shaft shoulder position. During the cooling process should always be pushed tight , or tapping with a hammer by assembling the bearing sleeve so try to be. Slightly rotating the bearings should be installed to prevent the installation tilt or stuck.

Bearing outer ring and the housing bore is tight fit can also be put into the bearing housing after heating . In particular made of light metal bearing in the case of a tight fit , may be pressed into the bearing outer race and damage the mating surfaces , then the bearing should be heated .


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