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FAG thrust bearing installation

FAG thrust bearing installation

Date:2013/6/21 16:58:56

Thrust bearing and shaft with generally transition fit, seat ring and the bearing housing bore with the generally loose fit, two-way axial thrust bearing rings should be fixed on the shaft to prevent rotation relative to the shaft. Thrust bearing installation method, under normal circumstances the majority of the shaft rotates, the inner ring and shaft so as to win over with, the bearing outer ring and the bearing chamber with clearance fit.

Install thrust bearings, shaft ring and shaft should examine the vertical centerline. Method is fixed to the tank shell dial gauge face, the head of the table to touch the top of the bearing shaft rotating bearing ring raceway, while observing dial gauge pointer, if the pointer deflection, indicating ring and shaft centerline axis is not perpendicular. Tank shell hole deeper, we can still use an extension of the dial gauge head test. Thrust bearing is installed correctly, the seat can automatically adapt to the rolling elements rolling, make sure to scroll down raceway body is located.

If installed backwards, not only bearing is not working properly, and each mating surface would be subjected to severe wear. As shaft ring and seat ring and the difference is not very obvious, the assembly should be careful not to mistake. In addition, the thrust bearing race with the bearing hole should be left between 0.2-0.5mm gap to compensate for parts processing, the error caused by mounting inaccuracy, when in operation bearing ring center offset, this gap would ensure its automatic adjustment, avoid touching the friction to operate normally. Otherwise, it will cause severe damage to the bearing.



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