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How to detect noise standards FAG Bearings

How to detect noise standards FAG Bearings

Date:2013/6/21 16:57:47

     Operation, raceway sound produced by the source that the natural vibration of the ring after a load due. Since the elastic rings and rolling contact with nonlinear vibration system constituted. When lubrication or machining accuracy is not high flexibility with this feature will be excited about the inherent vibration transmitted into the air then becomes noise. As we all know, even the use of ultra-modern manufacturing technology to process the highest overall eccentric bearing parts, the work surface there will always be varying degrees of tiny geometric errors, so that between the raceway and rolling elements excite vibrations produce tiny fluctuations inherent in the system vibration.

     First: FAG Bearings Bearing caused by external incentives inherent vibration, referring to the bearing inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements and cage the natural vibration.

     Second: As the moving parts in contact with each other forced vibration caused by the collision, including the rolling sphere is not ideal, inside and outside the channel contact point trajectory is not a perfect circle (roundness, waviness), the raceway is not the ideal smooth surface (roughness) and the rolling elements and cage in motion collision and lubricants in the forced vibration caused by impurities, vibration and sound are closely related.

     For general bearing, it is recommended to concentrate its limited human and financial resources to do a good job of bearing vibration control. Quality standards should not separate the noise, of course, according to foreign experience, especially for products such as computer hard drives, CD recorder drive system bearings, vibration assessment is not easy to use, can develop standards to assess noise measurement method.

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