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FAG Bearings Troubleshooting Remedy

FAG Bearings Troubleshooting Remedy

Date:2013/6/21 16:56:17

     Any bearing life depends largely on the maintenance and care it receives. This is especially true in industrial applications, often the working conditions, the load weight, dust and pollution are common scale. Applies to all anti-friction bearing design. Bearing deposit with special anti-corrosion coating FAG bearings to choose from, but most FAG bearings without anti-corrosion materials. In the handling and storage of bearings, care must be taken to ensure that they will not rust or corrode. Even between wet or left unprotected chemical gloved hand or a small amount can cause etching in a small area, which may lead to bearing fatigue.

     FAG Bearing fatigue failure is a failure surface forms, mainly for fatigue crack initiation, propagation and fracture processes in alternating load faults arising under long-term effects of the metal. Cracks in two ways:

     1, on the surface, which is self-aligning roller bearings in rolling contact process, due to the work surface of the plastic deformation and strain hardening surface contact stress caused by cyclical changes in the role of external loads, and finally in small cracks From the development of the inner surface, in between the formation of surface cracks, wedged into the surface as a result of the lubricant, open force to crack down on the wall, forcing the forward crack;

     2, from the surface layer, again under the pressure of the contact surface, the first surface of the exposed areas of cracks cracks certain depth and angle of the direction along the surface to a certain depth from the surface of the contact surface, and beyond surface, and eventually the formation erosion stripped, leaving a Makeng.

     FAG bearings from the surface, or from cracks in the surface layer, these two goals (parts carburizing, quenching and other heat treatment of the surface, and if it has uneven hardness, organizations, and non-uniform stress and other negative, the contact Stress is generally opposite from the resulting cracking of the ground, if the parts of the surface quality is poor, there is a defect (oxidation and decarbonization), rubbing or poor lubrication, the surface cracks.

     Control raceway sound methods are: selection of low-noise tone spherical roller bearings that waviness small bearings, judicious selection of the conditions of use. Raceway sound often affect the entire mechanical noise reduction raceway sound can reduce the overall mechanical noise.


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