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FAG bearings in railway applications three bearings

FAG bearings in railway applications three bearings.

Date:2013/6/21 16:55:42

     I. gearbox bearings

     Bearing in the gearbox primary role is to stabilize and support the power transmission shaft. This means that they must be in a complex environment to withstand extreme loads. Main types of tapered roller bearings, four point contact bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. Second, use deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings. FAG Bearings diverse configurations, mainly based on the gearbox design and operating conditions.

     Gearbox bearings The main requirements are: high speed, high load, vibration and shock resistance, high temperature, high-precision guidance, compact design according to the manufacturer′s gearbox to select the size of the bearing, taking into account the above factors. General requirements for calculating life of more than 1.5 million km.

     FAG gearbox bearings are characterized by: Enhanced Interior design, special cage design; tolerance reduced and adjusted the internal clearance; design on the outer ring groove to prevent rotation thereof; adjustment tolerances and internal clearance; effective ceramic insulation.

     Second, the traction motor bearings

     For traction motor bearings must meet the reliable operation and long life challenging requirements. Developed by the Schaeffler Group traction motor bearings are all specially designed according to actual demand. Here usually cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings. Their calculated life because of the following designs typically may be more than 2 million kilometers.

     His main features are: a special cage design, enhanced interior design, adjustment tolerances and internal clearance, efficient ceramic insulation.

     Third, hold the axle bearings

     In the freight electric locomotives, hold axle bearings are installed to support the use of two transverse configuration traction motors. By holding traction motor bearing directly on the axis of the wheel suspension. Hold the bearing in order to achieve long operating life (normally operating life should be more than one million kilometers z), a rolling bearing for use herein should have a high carrying capacity. Vibrations and shocks generated by the high load usually has reinforced the special stamped metal cage tapered roller bearing carrier. Flanged outer ring special design or insulation layer can also be supplied on demand. 

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